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Showcase Items

  Auction: Oliva miniacea cf. magnifica   Auction: Amusium pleuronectes (Hong Kong)
  Auction: Phenacovolva cf dancei   Auction: Clanculus species (Hong Kong)
  Auction: Melanoides cf tuberculata   Auction: Neptunea heros (Yellow interior)
  Auction: Cf Euhadra cecillei?(Hong Kong)   Auction: Cinguloterebra cf neglecta (AWESOME)
  Auction: Cypraea annulus (Nice pattern)   Auction: Strombus vittatus (dwarf set of 2)
  Auction: Conus miles (HONG KONG)   Auction: Cypraea captserpensis x miliaris (hybrid?)
  Auction: Melampus flavus   Auction: Babylonia cf lani (UNIQUE)
  Auction: Chicoreus saulii (DARK)   Auction: Charonia lampas ruibicunda (reddish)
  Auction: Shrimp species A   Auction: Ovula ovum
  Auction: Nassarius wolffi   Auction: Astraea haematraga (Hong Kong)
  Auction: Hiatula planulata (HONG KONG)   Auction: Ptychobela kawamurai
  Auction: Drymaeus vexillum morbidus (rare albino)   Auction: Conus flavidus (Hong Kong)
  Auction: Amphidromus quadrasi versicolor (A)   Auction: Chiton species (Hong Kong ¡VC)
  Auction: Thaumastus robertsi   Auction: Chama species (HONG KONG)
  Auction: Triphora species   Auction: Dosinia subrosea
  Auction: Phalium glabratum (set of 2)   Auction: Corona cf machadoensis (RARE)
  Auction: Angaria sphaerula   Auction: Cymatium tenuiliratum (LARGE)
  Auction: Volvarina cf. bevdeynzeri (RARE)   Auction: Thaumastus cf orcesi (UNCOMMON)
  Auction: Babelomurex spinosus   Auction: Haliotis discus hannai & Haliotis cf discus hannai
  Auction: Corculum cardissa f. impressum   Auction: Hemilienardia thyridota (RARE)
  Auction: Strombus mutabilis (Monster!!!)   Auction: Marginella philippinarum ¡§sinistral¡¨
  Auction: Astralium lapillus   Auction: Conus ione
  Auction: Strombus erythrinus (color set of 4)   Auction: Cypraea cribraria (UNUSUAL drawing)
  Auction: Conus striatus (High spire)   Auction: Chrysostoma paradoxum (UNUSUAL pattern)
  Auction: Crassispira cerithina   Auction: Cancilla gloriola (Japan)
  Auction: Patelloida cf. striata (Hong Kong ¡V set of 3)   Auction: Conus ferrguinea (DARK GIANT)
  Auction: Sultana labeo   Auction: Ovula ovum (DEFORM)
  Auction: Marginella glabella   Auction: Pecten species (Hong Kong)
  Auction: Scultana latevittata   Auction: Desmaulus cf extinctorium (Hong Kong)
  Auction: Chicoreus strigatus (Giant)   Auction: Chicoreus palmarosae (HONG KONG - DARK)
  Auction: Lambis lambis (SPECIAL spire)   Auction: Cypraea quadrimaculata (dwarf)
  Auction: Strombus erythrinus (Special drawing)   Auction: Vexillum rugosum (set of 2)
  Auction: Strombus urceus (DARK freak)   Auction: Busycon coarctatum (AWESOME)
  Auction: Cypraea errones (HONG KONG ¡V UNUSUAL shape)   Auction: Calocochlia collodes
  Auction: Septifer bilocularis (Hong Kong)   Auction: Cerithium species
  Auction: Trochus cf. orchroleucus (Hong Kong)   Auction: Natica vitellus (Hong Kong - LARGE)
  Auction: Terebra maculata (GOLD)   Auction: Thaumastus species
  Auction: Eumecostylus hargravesi   Auction: Talochlamys gladysiae (Pink)
  Auction: Cypraea cribraria (Vietnam)   Auction: Tricolia speciosa (SUPERB)
  Auction: Trivirostra cf hyalina   Auction: Oliva bulbosa tuberosa
  Auction: Drymaeus orthostoma (GIANT)   Auction: Subcancilla yagurai
  Auction: Oliva miniacea form??   Auction: Lambis millepeda (FREAK spire)
  Auction: Crab species (D)   Auction: Phalium species
  Auction: Paphia cf. cor (Hong Kong ¡V LARGE)   Auction: Murex aduncospinosus
  Auction: Primovula rutherfordiana   Auction: Babylonia zeylanica (set of 2)
  Auction: Lambis millepeda (Nice mouth)   Auction: Haliotis species (Hong Kong - B)
  Auction: Gemmula species (Hong Kong)   Auction: Primovula species
  Auction: Oliva species (subfossil)   Auction: Nassarius delicatus
  Auction: Chiton species (Hong Kong ¡VA)   Auction: Spondylus foliaceus (STUNNING)
  Auction: Oliva hirasei   Auction: Cypraea erosa (HONG KONG - UNUSUAL)
  Auction: Haliotis ovina (Palawan ¡V SUPERB)   Auction: Tectus maculatus (LARGE)
  Auction: Amusium obliteratum   Auction: Conus leopardus millepunctatus (LARGE)
  Auction: Cerithium species   Auction: Calliostoma haliarchus
  Auction: Trivellona speciosa   Auction: Conus nussatella (Reunion)
  Auction: Vexillum flaveoricum   Auction: Phenacovolva tokioi (set of 3)
  Auction: Vittina waigiensis (AWESOME)   Auction: Chicoreus nobilis (Pinkish FREAK)
  Auction: Helicostyla species   Auction: Babylonia borneensis (set of 4)
  Auction: Atrina cf. pectinata (Hong Kong)   Auction: Homalocantha zamboi (SUPER baby)
  Auction: Dentiovula cf masaoi   Auction: Spondylus multimuricatus WHITE (or Spondylus gloriosus visayensis)
  Auction: Conus pertusus f. amabilis (LARGE)   Auction: Clavus canicularis (AWESOME)
  Auction: Trochus niloticus (THE BEST!)   Auction: Conus vidua (AWESOME)
  Auction: Drymaeus strigatus ceciliae (LARGE with nice quality)   Auction: Conus eburneus (AWESOME)
  Auction: Nassarius granum   Auction: Cypraea stolida f. aureliae (AWESOME)
  Auction: Cypraea arabica (Hong Kong - overglazed)   Auction: Strombus pipus (set of 2)
  Auction: Chiton species (Hong Kong)   Auction: Cypraea stolida f. aureliae (VERY RARE white color form)
  Auction: Cymbiola aulica (Red lips)   Auction: Tellina balthica
  Auction: Cypraea bistrinotata   Auction: Terebra guttata (LARGE)
  Auction: Cantharus gemmatus   Auction: Cypraea boivinii (PINK)
  Auction: Quechua taulisensis (RARE)   Auction: Megalobulimus lichstenteini
  Auction: Babylonia japonica   Auction: Phenaovolva pseudogracilis
  Auction: Cerithium cf echinatum   Auction: Conus vexillum
  Auction: Conus pica   Auction: Haliotis species (Hong Kong)
  Auction: Cypraea walkeri surabaensis (WRS?)   Auction: Epitonium species
  Auction: Cf Veprecula species   Auction: Neopetraeus arboriferus rectistrigatus
  Auction: Trapezium gilvum (Yellow)   Auction: Sultana yatesi
  Auction: Meretrix meretrix (MONSTER!)   Auction: Theba pisana arietina (set of 2)
  Auction: Coelomactra antiquata (LARGE)   Auction: Cypraea errones (HONG KONG ¡V rostrate?)
  Auction: Babylonia lani (set of 4)   Auction: Cypraea argus rariocellata
  Auction: Casmaria erinaceus (BIG)   Auction: Calliostoma annulatum (SUPERB)
  Auction: Drymaeus mexicanus (SUPERB)   Auction: Cypraea arabicula
  Auction: Laevichlamys species   Auction: Cypraea eglantina (LARGE)
  Auction: Cypraea lamarckii redimita ¡§phuketensis¡¨   Auction: Scabies phaselus
  Auction: Bufonaria perelegans (HONG KONG ¡V set of 2)

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