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Showcase Items

  Auction: Nassaria wanneri visayensis   Auction: Cypraea tigris (UNUSUAL base/teeth)
  Auction: Vexillum flexicostatum (RARE)   Auction: Conus coriolisi
  Auction: Corona perversa regalis (large)   Auction: Cypraea staphylaea (24mm+ Giant)
  Auction: Spondylus barbatus (Violet)   Auction: Cardita crassicosta (Yellow/Pink)
  Auction: Conus tribblei (Violet band)   Auction: Conus arenatus (RARE highs spire)
  Auction: Cypraea cf walkeri (deep water form)   Auction: Cypraea tigris (Yellow dorsum/Blue margins)
  Auction: Fusitriton retiolis   Auction: Cuspidaria cf. steindachneri (RARE)
  Auction: Eumecostylus sanchristovalensis   Auction: Cypraea eglantina (BLUE base)
  Auction: Strombus terebellatus (55mm+ Monster!)   Auction: Cypraea arabica immanis (Melanistic)
  Auction: Siratus laciniatus (LARGE)   Auction: Bursa oyamai (LARGE- AWESOME)
  Auction: Cypraea lutea (3 bands MONSTER!!)   Auction: Morum cf grande
  Auction: Cypraea limacina (LARGE)   Auction: Nassarius alfuricus (RARE)
  Auction: Cypraea tigris (Palawan - B)   Auction: Harpulina loroisi (Nice pattern)
  Auction: Dentiovula species   Auction: Lepidotrichia purpurescens
  Auction: Cymatium rubeculum (LARGE)   Auction: Cypraea beckii (UNIQUE dark base)
  Auction: Amphidromus stevenlie   Auction: Eurytus pulicarius
  Auction: Cypraea cribraria cf. zadela (LARGE lacunae variation)   Auction: Cycloscala revoluta
  Auction: Amphidromus laevus lakorensis (new species) E   Auction: Eurytus plectostylus
  Auction: Volva volva (AWESOME)   Auction: Veprecula polyacantha
  Auction: Spondylus foliaceus cf. croceus (Orange body)   Auction: Euvaricella biplicatula dissimilis
  Auction: Stavelia subdistorta (Monster!)   Auction: Amphidromus donchani (YELLOW)
  Auction: Cypraea cribraria (M&R)   Auction: Inquisitor lorenzi
  Auction: Nassarius pupinides (RARE)   Auction: Conus sculletti
  Auction: Favartia maculata (Giant)   Auction: Cymbiola imperialis (AWESOME)
  Auction: Olivancillaria gibbosa (ORANGE)   Auction: Oliva cf caroliniana (albino)
  Auction: Vexillum cf. subtruncatum (RARE)   Auction: Dolomena hickeyi (DARK)
  Auction: Subcancilla bellulavaria (LARGE)   Auction: Maoricardium setosum (W/P)
  Auction: Lophiotoma abbreviata   Auction: Euciroa eburnea
  Auction: Lambis millepeda (Many long digits)   Auction: Semipallium flavicans (Monster)
  Auction: Leptopoma melanostoma janetabbasae C   Auction: Cymbiola aulica (UNUSUAL pattern)
  Auction: Babelomurex cristatus (AWESOME)   Auction: Vexillum zebuense (LARGE ¡V RARE quality)
  Auction: Cypraea errones (UNUSUAL freak)   Auction: Margovula pyriformis (SUPER DARK)
  Auction: Ancilla species   Auction: Conus chiangi (SUPER!)
  Auction: Strombus dentatus (Giant!)   Auction: Vexillum vulpecula (STUNNING ¡V Orange bands)
  Auction: Murexiella judithae (SUPER)   Auction: Cerithium ophioderma (RARE)
  Auction: Inquisitor elkeae (RARE)   Auction: Cypraea stolida f. aureliae (LARGE)
  Auction: Cymatium perryi   Auction: Helicina rubicunda
  Auction: Angaria delphinus (Monster!)   Auction: Casmaria erinacea f. vibex (AWESOME)
  Auction: Pusula radians   Auction: Cymbiola vespertilio (115mm+ Monster!)
  Auction: Pupinella brazierae   Auction: Cypraea ventriculus (DARK)
  Auction: Mirinaba planidens   Auction: Papuina albocarinata
  Auction: Ventopelita mansueta   Auction: Phenacovolva poppei (RARE albinistic)
  Auction: Spondylus variegatus (color set of 5)   Auction: Cardita crassicosta (Violet!)
  Auction: Euciroa eburnea (RARE)   Auction: Conus cf aristophanes (High spire)
  Auction: Neopetraeus lobbii (Superb pattern)   Auction: Tucetona hanzawai (RARE)
  Auction: Conus andremenezi (UNIQUE spire)   Auction: Conus vidua var. mozoii (LARGE)
  Auction: Mitra papalis (UNIQUE pattern)   Auction: Chama lazarus (LARGE)
  Auction: Tutufa tenuigranosa (AWESOME)   Auction: Cypraea cribraria (Palawan dwarf)
  Auction: Gelagna succincta (LARGE)   Auction: Varicella propinqua
  Auction: Cypraea mappa cf geographics (Palawan variation)   Auction: Cypraea gaskoini "fisheri" (DARK)
  Auction: Conus aureus (DARK Gem)   Auction: Cypraea eglantina (VERY GREEN - LARGE)
  Auction: Cypraea talpa (Rostrate)   Auction: Conus miniexcelsus (former subaequalis)
  Auction: Calliostoma poppei   Auction: Clivipollia pulchra
  Auction: Cypraea stolida (EXCEPTIONAL large dark blotch)   Auction: Architectonica modesta
  Auction: Melanoides sp.   Auction: Placostylus mbengensis (VERY RARE)
  Auction: Cypraea histrio (Rostrate!)   Auction: Fanulum expositum
  Auction: Cerithideopsilla species   Auction: Viviparus mearnsi
  Auction: Gulella cruciata   Auction: Cypraea ursellus (RARE pattern)
  Auction: Neocancilla clathrus (RARE pattern)   Auction: Phenacovolva poppei (LARGE)
  Auction: Cypraea saulae (A)   Auction: Vexillum coronatum (YELLOW)
  Auction: Gulella capitata   Auction: Cypraea saulae (SUPERB)
  Auction: Amphidromus contrarius nikiensis (set of 3)   Auction: Latiaxis oldroydi (LARGE)
  Auction: Conus dedonderi (LARGE)   Auction: Vexillum vulpecula (STUNNING ¡V ORANGE bands)
  Auction: Trochomorpha mcleani   Auction: Chicoreus akritos
  Auction: Erronea vredenburgei (set of 3)   Auction: Lambis lambis (Special spire)
  Auction: Conus cf monachus (DARK)   Auction: Pusula solandri
  Auction: Alectryonella plicatula GIANT (on Isognomon isognomum)   Auction: Thersites richmondianus
  Auction: Colubraria ceylonensis (61mm GIANT)   Auction: Drymaeus scitulus cochambalensis
  Auction: Mitra sarinoae (RARE)   Auction: Neocancilla clathrus (BIG)
  Auction: Oliva reticulata (UNUSUAL spire LARGE)   Auction: Calliostoma annulatum (LARGE)

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