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  Auction: Cypraea chiapponii beatrcae (GIANT)   Auction: Cypraea tigris (M & R)
  Auction: Granulifusus dondani (LARGE)   Auction: Angaria nodosa (HUGE)
  Auction: Cypraea testudinaria (DARK Giant)   Auction: Lepidotrichia purpurescens
  Auction: Cypraea cf walkeri (deep water form)   Auction: Cypraea stolida (DARK LARGE)
  Auction: Cf. Leiocithara species (RARE)   Auction: Conus arenatus (RARE highs spire)
  Auction: Swainsonia ocellata   Auction: Nassarius papillosus (LARGE)
  Auction: Meiocardia cumingi (Monster!)   Auction: Mimachlamys gloriosa (Red/Orange ¡V STUNNING)
  Auction: Cypraea chinensis (Zamboanga)   Auction: Natica pseustes
  Auction: Chicoreus banksii (SUPER!)   Auction: Nassarius splendidulus
  Auction: Semicassis bisulcata (UNUSUAL pattern)   Auction: Juxtamusium maldivensis (RARE BLACK)
  Auction: Conus tessulatus f. suturatus   Auction: Phenacovolva poppei (LARGE)
  Auction: Streptaxis layardiana   Auction: Conus tenuioranta
  Auction: Poeniella sp   Auction: Turris species (Balabac)
  Auction: Discotectonica acutissima   Auction: Mitra eremitarum (special lips)
  Auction: Pinna epica (RARE)   Auction: Euvaricella biplicatula dissimilis
  Auction: Cypraea ursellus (Rostrate?)   Auction: Sulfurina euchromia
  Auction: Cymbiola palawanica (Live taken!)   Auction: Phos cf. cyanostoma
  Auction: Bursa granularis (Monster!)   Auction: Helicina heati
  Auction: Gafrarium dispar (ORANGE)   Auction: Cerion malonei
  Auction: Phalium areola f. agnitum (SUPERB)   Auction: Rhynchotrochus meekiana
  Auction: Succincta oweniana coccinostoma   Auction: Conus radiatus (FREAK)
  Auction: Tutufa cf rubeta (Nice covering)   Auction: Daphnellopsis fimbriata
  Auction: Sonoraloa remondii   Auction: Vexillum subdivisum (RARE quality)
  Auction: Eglisia tricarinata (LARGE)   Auction: Oliva cf irisans (UNIQUE)
  Auction: Strombus urceus (Red)   Auction: Cypraea boivinii (SUPERB)
  Auction: Conus andremenezi (UNIQUE spire)   Auction: Lambis lambis (Special spire)
  Auction: Cypraea cf. carneola (ROSTRATE)   Auction: Neocancilla species
  Auction: Chicoreus cf jessicae (SUPER!)   Auction: Labyrinthus oreas
  Auction: Eudolium crosseanum (SUPER!)   Auction: Succincta oweniana anozona
  Auction: Cypraea cribraria cf zadela (LARGE callus)   Auction: Conus memiae (set of 3)
  Auction: Babelomurex tumidus (LARGE)   Auction: Varicella leucozonias
  Auction: Cypraea saulae (WOW!)   Auction: Megalacron tabarensis lihirensis
  Auction: Helicina tectiformis   Auction: Pleuropoma varians
  Auction: Trochomorpha mcleani   Auction: Dolomena dilatata (Violet spire)
  Auction: Cypraea rabaulensis   Auction: Bullina nobilis (Live taken!)
  Auction: Trochomorpha vanderrieti   Auction: Cerion shrevei
  Auction: Mitra species (Aliguay Isl.)   Auction: Cuspidaria macrorhynchus
  Auction: Conus omaria (Palawan)   Auction: Gemmula kieneri (LARGE)
  Auction: Cypraea aurantium (DARK - RARE quality)   Auction: Kuroshiovolva shingoi
  Auction: Ctenoides cf. concentria (LARGE)   Auction: Chicoreus banksii (RARE color!)
  Auction: Conus cf. baileyi   Auction: Tellina cf. chloroleuca (YELLOW)
  Auction: Cymatium exile (LARGE)   Auction: Helicina laus
  Auction: Euplecta binoyaensis   Auction: Nipponaphera nodosivaricosa (VERY RARE)
  Auction: Conus ammiralis (set of 3)   Auction: Spondylus sinensis f. lamarcki (Monster!)
  Auction: Harpa kajiyamai (LARGE)   Auction: Stomatolina angulata
  Auction: Mitrapecten rastellum (Blood RED!)   Auction: Papuina trochiformis
  Auction: Cypraea helvola hawaiiensis   Auction: Varicella propinqua
  Auction: Modiolus philippinarum (Violet MONSTER!)   Auction: Thais tubersosa (GIANT)
  Auction: Nassaria wanneri visayensis   Auction: Telescopium telescopium (SUPERB)
  Auction: Conus thalassiarchus depreiseteri (DARK LARGE)   Auction: Dentiovula species
  Auction: Typhisopsis coronatus   Auction: Scabricola yaekoae
  Auction: Spondylus echinatus f. zonalis   Auction: Ariophanta thyreus
  Auction: Cypraea stolida f. aureliae (LARGE)   Auction: Fusolatirus nagasakiensis (LARGE)
  Auction: Annachlamys reevei (Live taken!)   Auction: Vexillum sanguisugum (UNUSUAL pair)
  Auction: Conus corbieri (LARGE)   Auction: Crenavolva cf. traillii (GIANT)
  Auction: Vexillum compressa (RARE w/o black)   Auction: Semipallium dringi (OARNGE)
  Auction: Conus sulcatus (SUPER DARK!)   Auction: Conus floccatus f. magdalenae (SUPERB)
  Auction: Conus kintoki (VIOLET Giant)   Auction: Terebra guttata
  Auction: Homalocantha scorpio (RARE albino)   Auction: Turrilatirus craticulatus (Monster!)
  Auction: Aphanoconia ponsonbyi   Auction: Babelomurex nakayasui (Monster!)
  Auction: Favartia maculata (ORANGE MONSTER!)   Auction: Vexillum species (RARE)
  Auction: Cypraea ovum (Palawan callus form - SUPERB)   Auction: Xesta citrina tiara E
  Auction: Hemilienardia ocellata   Auction: Vitularia miliaris (Banded form)
  Auction: Casmaria erinacea f. vibex (AWESOME)   Auction: Vexillum infaustum
  Auction: Orania rosea (LARGE)   Auction: Chicoreus strigatus (ORANGE LARGE)
  Auction: Cycloscala cf. hyalina (B)   Auction: Etrema capillata (VERY RARE)
  Auction: Bellardiella abbasi   Auction: Chicoreus cnissodus
  Auction: Naticarius concinnus   Auction: Cymbiola aulica (SUPERB)
  Auction: Conus granum (FREAK high spire)   Auction: Bursa oyamai (LARGE- AWESOME)
  Auction: Xesta citrina tiara C

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