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Showcase Items

  Auction: Conus thalassiarchus depriesteri (LARGE)   Auction: Lyria cloveriana (DARK - LARGE)
  Auction: Cymatium species   Auction: Lambis millepeda (Many digits!)
  Auction: Chicoreus strigatus (Reddish)   Auction: Mitra terryni (DARK LARGE)
  Auction: Fusinus longissimus (SUPERB)   Auction: Mastonia species
  Auction: Vexillum vulpecula (BLACK)   Auction: Chama brassica (AWESOME)
  Auction: Conus ammiralis (LARGE)   Auction: Cypraea errones (RARE GOLDEN form)
  Auction: Conus litoglyphus (55mm+ Monster!)   Auction: Nemocardium bechei (RARE color!)
  Auction: Margovula bimaculata (set of 3)   Auction: Ctenocardia fornicata (LARGE)
  Auction: Vexillum poppei (DARK)   Auction: Neritodryas cf dubia (DARK)
  Auction: Conus eburneus (78mm+ Monster!)   Auction: Cymatium lotorium (Giant)
  Auction: Cypraea caputserpentis (GIANT)   Auction: Mitra incarnata
  Auction: Conus gloriamaris (144mm+ Monster!)   Auction: Peristernia cf. lyratus (AWESOME)
  Auction: Globularia fluctuata (LARGE ¡V RARE quality)   Auction: Modiolus philippinarum (Violet MONSTER!)
  Auction: Tutufa bubo (UNUSUAL lips)   Auction: Chicoreus ramosus (Exeptional long spines)
  Auction: Cypraea cribraria (pyriform shape LARGE lacunae variation)   Auction: Cypraea lamarckii redimita "phuketensis" (XL)
  Auction: Cypraea stolida f. aureliae (AWESOME)   Auction: Conus hirasei
  Auction: Hastula alboflava (RARE)   Auction: Epitonium angulicinctum
  Auction: Neocancilla clathrus (set of 2)   Auction: Cypraea eglantina (UNIQUE covering)
  Auction: Conus mucronatus (Gem W/P)   Auction: Cypraea ursellus (AWESOME)
  Auction: Cypraea tigris (RARE Orange overglazed)   Auction: Neritina cf. powisiana (LARGE)
  Auction: Vexillum interstriatum (LARGE)   Auction: Homalocantha zamboi (Palawan GIANT)
  Auction: Ctenocardia virgo   Auction: Trigonostoma scalare
  Auction: Chama limbula (w. bivalves x 2)   Auction: Cypraea cribraria cf. zadela (M & R?)
  Auction: Porphyrobaphe latevittata (big size)   Auction: Hydatina aplustre (GIANT)
  Auction: Cymatium springsteeni   Auction: Cypraea moneta (YELLOW rostrate)
  Auction: Cypraea miliaris (Ball shape)   Auction: Conus stercusmuscarum (SUPER DARK)
  Auction: Mitrapecten rastellum (Giant)   Auction: Conus ammiralis (UNUSUAL)
  Auction: Chicoreus saulii (RARE quality)   Auction: Semipallium flavicans (AWESOME)
  Auction: Babelomurex cf hirasei (AWESOME)   Auction: Tibia martini (LARGE)
  Auction: Ptychobela species   Auction: Chicoreus ramosus (Brown ¡V BLACK fronds)
  Auction: Coelopleurus granulatus (SUPERB - B)   Auction: Colubraria species
  Auction: Lambis cf wheelwrighi   Auction: Tutufa bufo (SUPERB)
  Auction: Conus marmoreus (UNUSUAL pattern)   Auction: Inflatovula culmen (SUPERB set of 2)
  Auction: Hexaplex cichoreum (short spines albino - GIANT)   Auction: Angaria delphinus (UNIQUE spines)
  Auction: Lambis cf millepeda (LARGE - AWESOME)   Auction: Cypraea cribraria (UNUSUAL)
  Auction: Archivolva clava (LARGE)   Auction: Thala mirifica (RARE)
  Auction: Cypraea mappa panerythra (Rostrate)   Auction: Cirsotrema species
  Auction: Cypraea chiapponii cf. chiapponiii   Auction: Cypraea cribraria cf zadela (melanistic LARGE)
  Auction: Cypraea cribraria cf zadela (SPECIAL pattern)   Auction: Tellina cf. semitorta (Yellow)
  Auction: Prodotia species (RARE)   Auction: Vexillum albofulvum (DARK)
  Auction: Cypraea limacina (35mm+ Giant)   Auction: Lambis lambis x Lambis crocata ? (HYBRID? UNIQUE)
  Auction: Cymbiola aulica (palawanica?)   Auction: Conus aulicus (SPECIAL pattern)
  Auction: Thais echinata (LARGE)   Auction: Puncturella teramachii
  Auction: Mitrapecten rastellum (Pink - SUPER)   Auction: Drupa rubusidaeus (LARGE)
  Auction: Cypraea pyrum nigromarginata (big size)   Auction: Cypraea ziczac (GIANT ¡V Nice pattern)
  Auction: Chicoreus crocatus (AWESOME)   Auction: Cypraea chinensis (Palawan form)
  Auction: Natica pseustes

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